About Us

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Mayfair, London; BlueSpec Consulting Limited is headed by its Founder and Managing Director, Richard Lambert who is responsible for all areas of the business from strategy to IT, finance and client relationships.


Founder – Richard Lambert

Associate – Simon Bowie-Britton

Associate – Paul Skrgatic

Richard founded BlueSpec Consulting with the vision and goal of providing a better alternative to the existing selection of consultancy groups. One that believes in a more ‘hands on’ approach to operations advisory, implementation and execution services by offering collaborative and impartial consultations; working in partnership with clients to develop longstanding business relationships that ensures consistent, cost effective delivery of client objectives.

Why BlueSpec Consulting?

BlueSpec Consulting provides expert advice and consultancy services to all manner of financial services firms in Europe and the UK. We take the time to comprehend and identify your specific business requirements so that we can provide practical and specific advice which can help you develop your business.

At BlueSpec Consulting, we assess operating and governance models, identify and mitigate risks and optimize operations that support the strategic business objectives of our clients. We ensure that every client is provided with experienced consultants with extensive relevant industry experience who seek to empower clients to make better business decisions.

By definition we are able to provide the relevant administrative and managerial advice to determine the appropriate structure and approach for business transformation and change management projects and to implement with complete success.

What we do

By leveraging our experience in the financial services sector we are ideally positioned to provide advice to firms within the industry on a variety of matters. We specialize in providing pragmatic operational infrastructure advice and assistance for the implementation and management of significant change events such as a transition to a more established infrastructure, departure of senior executives, business launch, increase of financial products, replacement of third party vendor services, upgrades to technology platforms and large scale restructuring within a company.

In our approach, we combine extensive technological knowledge with business expertise in order to help guide clients through business process management. We help our clients define, choose and deliver improvements for achieving cost and operational efficiency throughout their business.

The primary focus of BlueSpec Consulting is providing operational consultancy services to alternative investment and wealth management firms, investors, prime brokerage, crowd-funding, fund administration and technology platforms.

Put our expertise to work for you

All too often, even when in dire need, major changes within a firm can be difficult to follow through on for a variety of reasons. For larger companies especially, large scale change requires a great deal of preliminary preparation from management to ensure that all operational and structural changes are planned, properly communicated and fully adhered to throughout the company.

Miscalculations at early stages of planning can prove disastrous to the long term health and viability of a firm, which is the reason why engaging the services of a professional consultancy, with significant experience in successful operations advisory, can help mitigate the risks, adverse effects and cost of such an undertaking that are incurred by the company in both time and monetary terms.

At BlueSpec Consulting, we work with you to determine how you can best define the operating model that helps your business deliver on its strategy. We commit ourselves fully to constant research and development in order to ensure that we can, and will continue to be able to, provide our clients with the kind of cutting edge insights, proven methodologies and timely advice that can prove decisive in navigating the development and growth of your business.