Our Services

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At BlueSpec Consulting, our primary focus is on the following services:

Operational Advisory

BlueSpec Consulting helps their clients to maintain focus on enhancing business efficiency while making the best use of their infrastructure and resources. We enable our clients to respond with agility and implement operational changes that significantly improve their business model and operating practices.

We examine the various elements of your business that play a part in its success – finance, governance, IT and operations management and also take into consideration external forces such as changing technologies and regulatory changes.

We understand the value of operational excellence and advisory services that deliver robust operating models, cost efficiency and improves transparency within the firm. We also understand that firms are faced with many challenges and opportunities driven by global uncertainty, geo-political and macro-economic change.

BlueSpec Consulting is here to help you make the right choices, no matter where you are in your business life cycle.


The implementation of operating models and new technologies can be challenging and is a major investment of time, money and resources for any organization. At BlueSpec Consulting, we pride ourselves on our expertise in implementing solutions which range from operational risk frameworks to system vendor applications and understand the challenges involved. We use our extensive knowledge, tested tools and varied skills for accelerating and streamlining implementation delivery resulting in improved business performance.

We provide implementation services to carry out and execute all post-sale business processes and ensure they operate properly within their environment.

For an implementation process to be successful, many tasks between different functions of the firm need to be accomplished in sequence. Failure of many implementation processes often stems from the lack of accurate planning in the early stages of the project due to inadequate resources or unforeseen problems that arise.

BlueSpec Consulting provides an experienced team who offer the rigor and momentum to manage projects through to completion.

Change Management

The business environment is continually undergoing change and all organizations face significant fragmentation and concurrent change that requires proper management.

At BlueSpec Consulting we assist in the implementation of such improvements through a thorough change management program. These programs are targeted towards both management and employees to ensure that the required changes to workflows and organizational structure are understood, accepted and followed throughout the organization.

Whether you are planning a large fundamental change or a smaller incremental one, BlueSpec Consulting will work in partnership with you to provide a flexible approach to change management, planning and execution. Applying the correct method is essential to complete change effectively and the successful transition of individuals and teams.

BlueSpec Consulting will re-direct and channel the use of resources, business process and budget allocations, or other modes of operation that significantly reshape a company or organization.

Collecting feedback from employees impacted by the changes during the implementation stage is a key element of the change management process. We closely monitor the process to improve efficiency and mitigate risks by using our experience to pre-emptively implement corrective measures.


At BlueSpec Consulting, we offer strategic integration planning services to our clients. This may include systems and people integration, streamlining of operational frameworks, integration of new investment funds as well as the integration of processes and controls. Integration at different levels in the organization helps in creating a harmonious platform for the operations to be executed smoothly.

We have a broad understanding and experience of fund integrations and will work with our clients to plan the integration, provide training to key staff and documented procedures to help them.

We take an objective approach, help to identify operational inefficiency, provide internal improvements, centralize and optimize capabilities, create sustainable governance models, offer deep functional knowledge of outsourced functions and solutions for operational business models and risk frameworks.

Due Diligence

We offer a wide range of due diligence services which may include operational due diligence, vendor due diligence and IT due diligence services.

At BlueSpec Consulting, we aim to provide value to our clients and believe that due diligence is key to the decision making process of the firm. We use a focused and customized approach which helps us quickly identify and comprehend potential value drivers, deal breakers as well as other areas that are of particular interest to the client.

Some may consider due diligence to be a formality prior to the appointment of a third party vendor or making an investment decision, however at BlueSpec Consulting we believe due diligence is an ongoing process that is integral to the operational risk management and governance framework. Due diligence identifies current and potential risks so they can be addressed early and provide the appropriate level of transparency to help senior management understand and evaluate risk and make informed decisions that allows the business to operate and grow.

BlueSpec Consulting will maintain close co-operation with the client during the due diligence process to identify synergies across the firm and provide a holistic, intuitive view of the business.